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Checklist For Cleaning For Office Kitchens And Break Rooms

A kitchen with black and white checkered floors.


The kitchen and break room in an office get a lot of use. Here’s how to make sure you keep them clean and tidy:

  • Discard food wrappers, unwanted food, perishables that are expired, and more.

  • Clean utensils and dishware and put clean ones away.

  • Empty trash and recycling.

  • Clean out the refrigerator of old food. Disinfect surfaces in the refrigerator.

  • Clean the coffee pot and discard old coffee grinds.

  • Clean and disinfect surfaces people eat and prepare food on, like the table or counters.

  • Clean appliances like the toaster or microwave.

  • Check water cooler and make sure there is water and cups for people to drink

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