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Stock Up on Necessities for a Clean and Organized Office

Are you looking for a list of office cleaning supplies for your workplace or home? Take this list to store next time you are need to stock up on cleaning items for your office.

And it’s not just the office that needs to be regularly cleaned. People around the world are working from home more than ever before. COVID-19 has forced many professionals to move their offices into their homes, and just because your coworkers can’t see the mess around you on a Zoom call doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tidy up your workspace.

Here are 6 essential cleaning supplies you’ll need at all times for your home office.

1 – Gloves

Whether they’re disposable or reusable, you’re going to want some gloves to get started cleaning your home office. Fingerprints on desks, screens, or other devices are annoying, and having a good pair of gloves will keep both your hands and office surfaces smudge-free. Gloves are important for any cleaning routine, especially your professional workspace.

2 – Microfiber Cloths

Reusable items are always great when it comes to cleaning, and there might not be a better cloth for cleaning the office than microfiber cloths. Their soft material helps decrease static from your devices, and you can use them for many cleaning sessions before you have to replace them. They’re also designed to not scratch anything, which is a common problem with other materials you might use.

3 – Screen Cleaner

Dry screen wipes and alcohol-free cleaners will have your computer screens looking like new, which is important when you’re looking at these devices for multiple hours per day. Having a stack of them on hand is a great idea, even if you’re already keeping the microfiber cloths mentioned above.

4 – Disinfecting Wipes

There are a ton of items and devices in your home office that can collect germs. Phones, headsets, desks, printers, and keyboards are just a few examples of tools that can hold viruses of any kind. Make sure you have a container of disinfecting wipes on hand at all times, and don’t be afraid to pull them out at the end of the day.

5 – Feather Duster

Another common enemy of the home office is dust, and it can build up almost anywhere really quickly. Grab a feather duster and keep it handy, because you’re going to need it for desks, bookshelves, and virtually any hard to reach area in your workspace. Another added bonus is they don’t have to be replaced very often.

6 – Dusting Spray

The worst part about dust is that it gets in every nook and cranny, especially keyboards or devices with fans like computers and laptops. A good can of compressed air will go a long way in increasing the longevity of your devices, as too much dust can cause damage to your valuables. Make sure you grab a couple cans of dusting spray, and don’t go too long without using them.