Office Party Cleaning Checklist

Pre Event Cleaning

Most people who hire cleaning companies only think about what’s coming after the event is over. This would be a big mistake, especially if the event preparation included building stages, decorating, and preparing lots of food. With our party clean up services, we offer window cleaning, garbage removal, upholstery and rug cleaning, bathroom and supply restocking, among other event cleaning services. Your place will be ready for guests to arrive and ready to give them an incredible experience in a spotless environment throughout this process. 




Our professional event cleaners use this list to make sure that your place is prepared before the guests arrive:

  • Declutter your bathroom.

  • Change and wash bath mats, towels, and washcloths

  • Restock toilet paper.

  • Wipe down the bathroom

  • Light a scented candle or use a room spray

  • Wash pots and food prep dishes and put them away

  • Wipe down kitchen counters, sink, and stovetop.

  • Put the trash out and recycle

  • Place trash and recycling bins where guests can easily access them.

  • Sweep the bathroom and kitchen.

  • Remove clutter from any areas where your guests will be hanging out.

  • Clear off coffee tables and end tables.

  • Set out coasters.

  • Establish a tidy spot for guests’ belongings.