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Daily Office Cleaning Checklist

An office cleaning checklist is an excellent tool that can help you achieve and maintain the highest level of cleanliness and sanitation in your office spaces. Office cleaning schedules are essential for ensuring that cleaning staff performs important tasks regularly, keeping offices neater, tidier, and more inviting for everyone.


The Park Slope Cleaning staff follow a highly detailed commercial cleaning checklist to ensure the best possible outcomes. We follow this list when we service offices, hospitals, religious organizations, government facilities, and many others, and we are proud to share it with you.

Developing an Office Cleaning Checklist

Several steps go into developing and implementing a checklist that covers cleaning for offices. Although they may vary somewhat from one industry or company to the next, the primary five steps are as follows:


  • Identify the Cleaning Areas: The first step involves determining which areas should be covered by the office cleaning checklist. Will the checklist cover specific offices or every office in a building? Can the same checklist be used for common areas?
  • List All Tasks: Make a list of every task that should be completed in order to maintain a clean, sanitary, and welcoming space.
  • Determine Frequencies for Tasks or Spaces: Next, it is important to determine how frequently each task should be completed in each of the specified areas. For example, if one office is used less frequently, it may require less frequent thorough cleaning.
  • Create a Priority List and Assign Tasks: Prioritizing your commercial cleaning checklist shows staff where they should start in order to accomplish the most important tasks. Assigning individual tasks to specific staff members builds confidence and accountability.
  • Review the Office Cleaning Schedule’s Effectiveness and Edit as Needed: After a few weeks, revisit the office cleaning checklist and make sure the spaces covered are cleaned appropriately and effectively. If necessary, edit and adjust the tasks or their frequency to achieve the desired results.

How to Make Office Cleaning as Efficient as Possible

There are three things that improve the efficiency of office cleaning: the right tools, proper knowledge, and a complete office cleaning checklist. Using the proper tools and products saves time, energy, and money by making the job easier and faster. For example, using a microfiber cloth traps dust more quickly and effortlessly, often cutting dusting time in half. Using a commercial vacuum cleaner rather than a smaller household one gets floors cleaner and ensures that your equipment will last far longer.


The right training and knowledge can make office cleaning significantly more efficient, and it also promotes safety. Staff should know how and when to use various cleaning products to avoid damaging surfaces or exposing employees and guests to fumes. They should also know how to sanitize each surface in an office, from a hardwood desk to a leather sofa. Finally, an office cleaning checklist serves the same purpose as carrying a grocery list to the supermarket. It is a visual reminder that lists (and prioritizes, when necessary) each task, ensuring that nothing is overlooked.


Items to Include on a Commercial Cleaning Checklist

Commercial cleaning checklists can vary significantly. For example, some organizations might use seasonal and annual lists for applicable tasks on top of their daily office cleaning checklist.


  • Daily Tasks: Daily office cleaning checklists should include basic tasks such as sweeping and vacuuming high-traffic areas, sanitizing surfaces that are touched frequently, tidying and wiping down workstations, and spot-cleaning or refreshing restrooms.
  • Weekly Tasks: Weekly tasks may include dusting, cleaning ground-floor windows and entryways, deep cleaning and mopping floors, and cleaning out refrigerators.
  • Monthly Tasks: A monthly office cleaning checklist could include duties such as cleaning carpets, refreshing upholstery, dusting and cleaning electronics, and cleaning the air vents.
  • Quarterly/Seasonal Tasks: Quarterly, staff should buff and wax floors, clean and maintain major appliances, polish furniture, and clean the building’s exterior.

Advantages of Keeping an Office Cleaning Schedule

The benefits of maintaining an office cleaning schedule are many, and they fall into three categories: safety, customer service, and productivity.


Maintaining clean and sanitary offices leads to a healthier, safer environment for everyone. Conducting cleaning tasks regularly stops the spread of airborne illnesses and drastically reduces indoor air pollution. Employees who are in tip-top health perform their duties much more efficiently, and they take fewer sick days.

Customer Service

A clean, well-maintained building gives your company a more professional appearance. In fact, conducted a study in 2023 that found businesses with dirty restrooms experienced an average customer satisfaction rating drop of 23% and a 31% decrease in repeat business. Furthermore, a sparkling business reflects the owners’ or managers’ pride in their company, which can improve clients’ or customers’ positive perception.


Finally, office cleaning schedules that ensure a safe, sanitary environment improve employee productivity. Employees working in clean, fresh spaces feel pride and a desire to succeed, which translates directly into morale. Higher morale leads to better productivity.


Park Slope Cleaning’s Checklist 

  • Clean & disinfect bathrooms

  • Clean bathroom mirrors

  • Disinfect toilets and sinks

  • Wash bathroom floors

  • Disinfect door handles, paper towel dispensers

  • Clean and vacuum carpets

  • Clean and vacuum hard floors

  • Empty garbage and waste

  • Wipe all glass and doors

  • Collect recycling

  • Clean & disinfect kitchen/break room

  • Clean and disinfect kitchen floors

  • Disinfect paper towel dispensers

  • Clean and sanitize sinks

  • Wipe down doors and sills

  • Clean tables

  • Dust window ledges and other flat surfaces

  • Clean window sills and doors

  • Clean drinking fountains

  • Clean elevators and stairs

Download our Checklist for your use here.

Looking for Reliable, Efficient, and Professional Cleaning for Offices?

Keeping an office clean – or multiple offices in larger buildings – is no easy task. Even with an excellent office cleaning checklist, current employees may be too pressed for time to carry out these tasks. Fortunately, you can find reliable, efficient, and professional cleaning for offices that tailors its solutions to your company’s needs.

You can count on Park Slope Cleaning, headquartered in New York City, for dependable, consistent, and affordable office cleaning services. Get a free quote for your specific needs today, or feel free to download our complete office cleaning checklist and use it to keep your space spic and span.