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The Essential Guide to Professional Office Cleaning Services: What Every Business Needs

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How Professional Office Cleaning Services Can Be a Partner In Your Success


A full-time modern office worker will spend almost 2,000 hours a year on the job. As they make the daily journey to work, employees pick up dirt, dust and grime from their homes and the world around them. Hands and clothing deposit the germs they’ve collected onto chairs, computers and any other tools they use in their day-to-day operations. Over a short period of time, our offices can become very unsanitary.


Many workers also show up to the job sick – according to a 2023 study by BambooHR1, almost 90% of employees overall reported to work sick at least once in the past year, creating a major productivity challenge for almost every business.


This is why effective office cleaning is crucial. To combat the daily buildup of unsanitary elements in the office, businesses and organizations need specialized, thorough, and professional office cleaning services with a focus on the finer details to keep their workers healthy and their operations running. From removing rubbish and debris to disinfecting high-contact areas such as doorknobs and light switches, an effective and sustainable office cleaning service can both keep your employees healthy and foster greater productivity and peace of mind in the workplace.


Common Professional Office Cleaning Services Offered by Commercial Cleaners

From routine office cleaning to deep-cleaning high-touch surfaces and specialized cleaning jobs, the right commercial office cleaning company will offer a wide array of services to help keep your company running and your employees productive. 


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Daily Office Cleaning Services

Daily cleaning services can include vacuuming the carpets, emptying trash bins and sanitizing high-touch areas such as doorknobs and light switches. 


And no business should be caught with an unclean restroom. Restrooms should be made sparkling clean daily so both employees feel cared for and customers feel that your company takes itself seriously. 


Deep Cleaning Services

A complete deep cleaning service will lift the grime in fabric surfaces such as carpets and upholstery on a regular basis, and when needed will polish or resurface linoleum, vinyl and wood flooring. 


Further, natural light brings calm and clarity to the workplace, but over time windows and blinds will collect dust from the air. A professional deep cleaning service will ensure blinds, shades and window panes are free of smudges and dust to let the light shine in.


Specialized Cleaning Services – Post-Construction, Moving Cleaning Services, High-Touch Surfaces, Event Cleaning

Different businesses have different cleaning needs. For instance, any cleaning company that offers post-construction cleaning services should have the right safety equipment and employ the right training for their workers to remain safe while managing sometimes hazardous materials legally and safely. 


Some companies offer cleaning services for firms and facilities moving out of their space. The goal here is to either restore an office, retail or shop space to pre-operational conditions, or clean a space prior to moving in so a business owner can seamlessly install their equipment and get up to speed on their operations with a fresh start as quickly as possible. 


There are even companies that offer event cleaning services, where specifically designed schedules work before and after the event – day or night. 


Green Cleaning Services

Many companies make sustainability a part of their business plan, and office cleaning doesn’t need to be an exception. Green cleaning services will use environmentally safe materials and naturally-derived cleaning products to lower the environmental impact of the waste they produce. 


Importance of Each Service in Maintaining a Healthy and Productive Office Environment

Daily Office Cleaning Services

An effective daily cleaning regimen will avoid the buildup of allergens, dust and illness-causing germs. Simply put, a clean office is less likely to get people sick. In fact, a University of Arizona study found an office keyboard can hold as much as 400 times the amount of bacteria found on a toilet seat. This results in better attendance and higher productivity.


Remember – a tidy office can only leave a good impression. A clean environment is a professional environment, and a professional environment is a keystone to business success.


Deep Cleaning Services

Office furniture and floors are investments worth protecting. Deep-cleaning carpets, furniture and other fabric surfaces can extend their life significantly and reduce the need to replace them. 


Allergens negatively impact our health, while effective deep-cleaning will improve indoor air quality with major and lasting impacts on the health of employees and clients. 


Specialized Cleaning Services

For facilities and sites with cleanliness needs beyond basic office cleaning, specialized cleaning services offer individual care tailored to your specific needs.


High-touch points such as doors, keyboards and light switches are havens for harmful, illness-causing bacteria and viruses. By keeping these areas sanitized and cleaned regularly you will contribute greatly to your health and that of your employees. 


Specialized cleaning services can be tailored for dynamic business needs such as transitions to new office spaces or special events. Even demanding scheduling needs are planned and executed properly by the right commercial cleaning company.


Green Cleaning Services

Sustainable cleaning practices use materials and cleaning solutions that do not negatively impact the environment. Any office manager tasked with being more green will find a service that will help them meet the challenges of corporate sustainability initiatives, along with providing a healthier work environment for their employees.


Choosing the Right Professional Office Cleaning Service

So what makes the right office cleaning service for your needs?


An office cleaning company that offers a wide array of services in-house – meaning no subcontractors – will simplify the process of sanitizing and beautifying your space because they can be a one-stop shop for your needs.


Equally important is reputation. Happy customers are the clearest evidence of a job well done, and a service that consistently garners glowing reviews is a great place to invest your cleaning budget.


Next, find a company with competitive pricing while also being able to provide individualized and detailed contracts. This is crucial if your office has very specialized needs, such as the case with manufacturing or medical facilities.


Finally, always choose a professional cleaning company that is licensed, insured, and bonded. This ensures that if something goes wrong, you benefit from peace of mind with a clear path to responsibility and compensation. 



While maintaining a clean, productive, and safe work environment can seem daunting, the right commercial cleaning company with the full spectrum of services – from daily programs to deep cleaning and cleaning for specialized environments – can bring all your needs under one roof and with one point of accountability. 


It’s never too late to discover the possibilities for how a reliable, well-vetted cleaning company can ease your burden. Park Slope Cleaning is proud to serve you from our two locations in Miami and New York. Contact us today to discover how we can be a partner in your success!


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